Uncovered: The Story of the Watchmen


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Uncovered: The Story of the Watchmen

Uncovered tells the story of The Watchmen, a Canadian band that traveled thousands of kilometres of barren Prairie highway without flair or pretense. Known for their dedication to their craft and their fans, The Watchmen were a working-class rock band that rose to prominence at a time when rock music still mattered. Like many of their contemporaries, The Watchmen ultimately struggled against a shifting musical climate but, in doing so, inspired countless other acts while forging a hard, driving rock sound that many Canadians still hold dear to their hearts. The life of a touring rock band is an unforgiving one. In Uncovered, Vanessa Azzoli charts the evolution of a band that represents the Canadian spirit. There is dirt under their fingernails and there is a will to succeed. Uncovered is the story of not only a band, but a special time in Canadian rock: when a band was only as good as their last show and there was always another gig on the horizon.



Author: Vanessa Azzoli
Paperback: 144 pages
Foreword: Randy Bachman
ISBN-10: 9780991966
ISBN-13: 9780991966011